Tony Iannetti is Interviewed on Renovate & Build, Radio Show

September 3, 2014 under Thoughts by Tony
Aug 23, 2014 Renovate and Build Radio Show by Fair Trade Works: Interview with Tony Iannetti, Owner of DLC Mortgage Matchers. Topics such as first time lending, types of mortgages, interest rate predictions, and the future of Vancouver Real Estate Market is discussed. VIEW ONLINE: Tony Iannetti as Guest Speaker on Renovate & Build:
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A Look At Collateral Mortgages

November 24, 2011 under Thoughts by Tony
Few customers understand the difference between a conventional mortgage and a collateral mortgage. Many banks and Credit Unions register their mortgages as collateral mortgages and although it’s disclosed somewhere in fine print, many customers are not aware of the pitfalls. A conventional mortgage is registered against the property for a fixed amount – usually the amount borrowed and would operate as
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Buying in Vancouver

November 15, 2011 under Thoughts by Tony
Soon, people that live in Vancouver will not be able to BUY in Vancouver as foreign buyers continue to push prices higher.  More and more residents are being forced to buy further out in the Valley where prices are more reasonable.  In many cases a key driver of Home affordability is the mortgage.  So customers should take advantage of Longerterm amortizations before the option is gone.
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