Latest Update – “Market Conditions”

September 26, 2011 under Tony's Latest Updates
      To %%First-Name%% %%Last-Name%%     %%todaysdate%% Market Conditions   The Bank of Canada’s Governor met over the weekend with otther leaders and tried to convince the Europeans to increase Government debt bailouts in the hopes of avoiding another Financial Crisis.  With financial markets under downward pressures, liquidity has been decreased througho
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Latest Update – “News Worthy”

September 15, 2011 under Tony's Latest Updates
      To %%First-Name%% %%Last-Name%%     %%todaysdate%% News Worthy   House prices across our country continued to rise with Toronto and Vancouver at the top. Vancouver prices have increased a whopping 68% since 2005. Our Province was also near the top for Wage growth. Wage growth should have a positive impact on local real estate. It may be foolish to wait to make
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