Tony getaways still selling well, Nova Scotia realtors say

June 27, 2013 under Useful Articles
June 26, 2013 – 7:48pm REMO ZACCAGNA BUSINESS REPORTER Sales of higher-end recreational properties are moving relatively briskly across the province, even as the industry as a whole continues to recover from the 2008 global financial crisis. In May, Tradewinds Realty sold Big Gooseberry Island, near Chester, for almost $4 million, while another home in Chester went for $1.4 million in the last year. Accord
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Home building to pick up pace later this year: CMHC

June 25, 2013 under Home Buyer Resources, Useful Articles
Andrea Hopkins, Reuters | 13/06/25 9:31 AM ET TORONTO — New homebuilding in Canada is expected to regain momentum in the later part of 2013 and into 2014 as employment, economic growth and migration boost demand for housing in a market that had slowed, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp said on Tuesday. “So far in 2013, the average monthly growth rates of MLS (multiple listing service) sales, new listings a
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High bond yields flash warning of fresh financial crisis

June 25, 2013 under Useful Articles
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph | 13/06/24 | Last Updated: 13/06/24 1:12 PM ET Soaring global bond yields threaten trillions of dollars in losses for investors and a fresh financial crisis unless banks are braced for the shock, the Bank for International Settlements has warned. The Swiss-based institution said losses on U.S. Treasury securities alone will reach $1-trillion if average yields rise by 300 b
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Why the bond panic is overdone

June 21, 2013 under Useful Articles
Andrew Allentuck | 13/06/21 | Last Updated: 13/06/21 10:14 AM ET Bond investors have been biting their nails as interest rates have risen and bond prices, which move opposite to interest rates, have fallen. But bonds – which are part of nearly every pension fund, every insurance company treasury, and of many individual investors’ portfolios – are still solid investments. The panic is overdone, indeed as p
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Barbara Yaffe: British Columbians flee rising housing costs

June 18, 2013 under Useful Articles
By Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun columnist June 17, 2013 Another year older, and deeper in debt. The saying has special relevance in Vancouver, where so many are financially squeezed. A study by TransUnion, an Ontario-based risk-management company, reported recently that British Columbians are the most heavily indebted Canadians. The company measured non-mortgage debt — lines of credit, credit card balances, as w
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2013 housing sales off to better start than expected

June 17, 2013 under Home Buyer Resources, Useful Articles
Canadian Press | 13/06/17 | Last Updated: 13/06/17 11:33 AM ET OTTAWA — The number of Canadian homes sold so far this year is slightly higher than projected and it looks as if 2014 will show a rebound, according to a new forecast by the Canadian real estate industry’s main association. The Canadian Real Estate Association said Monday it still expects fewer sales this year than in 2012 but says the decline w
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Japan will cause the next big global crisis within the next 18 months: Felix Zulauf

June 14, 2013 under Useful Articles
Steven Perlberg, Business Insider | 13/06/14 | Last Updated: 13/06/13 3:14 PM ET For weeks, Japan’s stock market has been in an absolute freefall. Last night the Nikkei fell to 12,445, down 6.4%. But it wasn’t long ago that commentators were rejoicing in Abenomics – the policy moniker for Japan’s monetary stimulus and government spending plan – for its bold three-pronged approach to juice the Jap
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Landcor Data Corp. – BC Q1 2013 Residential Sales Summary

June 12, 2013 under Home Buyer Resources, Useful Articles
2012 Undercurrents – It’s Not All About Us  You, me, Vladimir Putin, the Pope, Canada Revenue auditors, the gamin waitress at the local pub, all humans are — to quote a peevish crystalline alien entity from a popular sci-fi TV series – we’re basically just “ugly bags of mostly water”. To stay alive we must constantly sop up clean water, mixed, straight, within or without our food. Shelter is
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Change in The Canadian Mortgage Market – CAAMP Report

June 12, 2013 under Home Buyer Resources, Useful Articles
Introduction and Summary  Until now, housing has played a major role in the recovery from the recession of 2008/09: housing construction, resale market activity, and mortgage lending have contributed directly to job creation. Even more importantly, rising housing values have supported consumer confidence and consumer spending, and thereby led to job creation. The health of the residential mortgage market depends o
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Spring puts bounce back in Canadian home prices

June 12, 2013 under Home Buyer Resources
Andrea Hopkins, Reuters | 13/06/12 | Last Updated: 13/06/12 10:54 AM ET TORONTO — Canadian home prices jumped in May from April as a spring rebound in real estate continued in most cities, offsetting a couple of weak markets, the Teranet-National Bank Composite House Price Index showed on Wednesday. The index, which measures price changes for repeat sales of single-family homes, showed overall prices rose 1.1
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